Student Wellbeing

National Schools Chaplaincy Program

Holy Spirit Primary School has been very fortunate to take part in the Government’s Student Welfare/Chaplaincy Program. Various programs and groups are run at the school, including:

  • Mini Vinnies
  • Lunchtime Social Club
  • Friendship Groups
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Sensory Programs
  • Seasons for Growth – for those dealing with grief and loss

For any of the groups that take place during learning time, the children are referred by their teachers and/or parents, and students only take part with the permission of parents/carers.

Seasons for Growth

Loss and Grief are issues that affect all of us at some stage of our lives. Learning to deal effectively with these issues is central to personal well-being and happiness. Unresolved grief can also affect a student’s learning. Holy Spirit Primary School is proud to be offering an Australian education program called “Seasons for Growth” every alternate year. This program is designed for children who have experienced significant change in their family because of death, separation or divorce.

The program aims to support participants by exploring issues such as change, loss, managing feelings, coping strategies and support networks. “Seasons for Growth” is an 8-session program, which concludes with an additional ‘Celebration’ session.  The groups will also have the opportunity to meet again towards the end of the program to reconnect with their group and discuss ongoing issues.

If you think your child would benefit from the Seasons For Growth program we would encourage you to talk to him/her.

Holy Spirit Primary School is pleased to offer this program and we are confident that it will be a valuable growth experience for those involved. Information for parents can be found at Under Children and Young People’s Program, there is additional information and a short video which very clearly explains the program.

Defence School Mentor Program (DSM)

A Defence School Mentor program (DSM) is located within schools throughout Australia which have significant number of Australian Defence Force (ADF) families.  DSMs are funded by the Department of Defence through the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and are employed as members of a school or educational system.

A DSM provides support and assistance to students of ADF members and their families, particularly during their transition in and out of a school or posting during parental absences due to deployment, exercises and courses.

For more information, click here.

School Counsellor

Marymead CatholicCare provides the services of a trained counsellor to work with students and families. Referrals to the counsellor may be made by parents and teachers. Children require the permission of their parents or guardians before they visit the counsellor.

Click here to access a referral form. 

Positive Behaviour Program

Through the School Wide Positive Behaviour program, Holy Spirit endeavours to create a safe, inclusive learning environment for all students and staff.

The rules that are taught and reinforced to create this environment in our school are:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be a Learner
  • Be Respectful

Click here for more information on the Positive Behaviour Program.

Holy Spirit Student Leadership Program

Student leadership and stewardship in the life of the school is facilitated through our Holy Spirit Leadership Program. The aim of this program is to increase children’s self-esteem and develop skills of effective group membership. The relationships developed through this program will contribute strongly to a sense of purpose and belonging for our Year 6 students.

The development of student leadership skills creates opportunities, which encourage children to:

  • Act in roles of responsibility
  • Use organisational and decision making skills in order to plan and engage in projects through to their completion
  • Be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively
  • Earn the respect of others through their actions.

There are 4 Leadership Groups in the Program. They are Hospitality, Mediation, Environmental and Special Projects.

Buddy Program

The Buddy program at Holy Spirit has been a part of school life for many years. The aim of the program is to develop, support and nurture peer relationships from Pre-School through to Year 6. The older students in the school take on the role of ‘buddy’ to a student in a lower primary class. Time is spent together establishing positive relationships and assisting younger students with more complex tasks. The Buddy program is vital in building cross-grade friendships within the school.