At Holy Spirit Primary School, we believe homework should:

  • promote the joy of reading;
  • balance a range of educational, recreational, family and cultural activities;
  • link to class work and an individual student’s learning goals;
  • develop students’ responsibility and self-discipline; and
  • provide suggestions for relevant, interesting and enjoyable experiences.

At Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, we recognise parents are partners in their children’s learning. We support Homework experiences that:

  • foster positive family interactions;
  • can be shared, reflected on and celebrated with family; and
  • provide an opportunity for families to support and encourage children’s school learning.


At Holy Spirit Primary School, we believe reading is compulsory across all year levels Preschool to Year 6:

K-2 - Compulsory - Home readers and sight words (K-2 approx.)

3-6 - Compulsory - Variety of texts

Passion Projects

Passion Projects are introduced from Year 3-6 and are completed both at home and at school, especially in Year 5 and Year 6. It is not compulsory to be completed at home, however, Passion Projects will be assessed for assessment and reporting purposes.

Passion Projects are inquiry based projects related to units of work currently being studied in class. Links to other areas of the curriculum such as Literacy and Numeracy may also be made.

Passion Projects encourage individuals to ask questions, pursue personal interests, research, and CONNECT, INVESTIGATE AND EXPRESS something based on the classroom unit of work and personal interests, and then to showcase their new knowledge.