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Current Safety Matters

Dear Parents and Carers

I am conscious that there are a number of health and safety issues which may be concerning you at this time.  I hope the following information will assist you in understanding how our school is responding to these.

Current Safety Matters

Brad Gaynor

School Uniform

Dear Parents

The time has come to get ready for school! Please ensure students are wearing the correct summer uniform. All students must have black leather school shoes and predominately white shoes for PE.

School Uniform Guidelines

School Shoe Guidelines

School resumes for all students (P-6) on Monday 3 February - Kinder students have their rest/assessment day for the first 4 Wednesdays.
The Front Office will be open from Wednesday 29 January.

Brad Gaynor


Dear Parents

Following my previous email regarding Bush Fire Support, the School and Community Council have been in further personal discussions with fire affected schools in our Archdiocese.

It has been heart breaking to hear of school staff and families who have lost everything. There are family businesses that are suffering financial hardship due to loss of the tourist trade, the impact of fire on animals and crops, and the general emotional and psychological ramifications of trauma within the community.

WHAT - In discussions with Principals of these schools, the general consensus is the need for ‘GIFT CARDS’. Gift cards that can be given to families to buy groceries, household items, personal items and even petrol.

I am inviting families to donate a GIFT CARD that we can send to fire affected schools and their families. The ideal ones include:

  • Woolworths (links with Big W)
  • Coles or Coles Group (links with Kmart, Target)
  • Prepaid Visa Gift Cards (can be used anywhere)
  • Prepaid Petrol Everywhere

These are the best gift cards to purchase as they are ideal for towns like Batemans Bay, Bega, Moruya, Tumut, Adelong and Batlow.

HOW - Please purchase any of the above gift cards for an amount of your choosing and place it in the school letterbox located in front of the school Admin Building. The letterbox will be emptied daily up until Friday 24th January. Support packs will be created and sent to the school.

I know these communities will appreciate our support. The school will continue to also work with the Parish and St Vincent de Paul in Term 1 to provide further support.

It is times such as these that define a community, and I am confident that the Holy Spirit Primary School community will rise to the challenge and support those in need.

Yours sincerely

Brad Gaynor

Bush Fire Support

Dear Parents

Like the rest of the Australian community, the Holy Spirit Primary School and Parish community wants to do what it can to help those people whose lives have been devastated by the bushfires – and the underlying drought.

We know that many of our families have holiday homes or properties in these areas, were holidaying at the time, and/or have family and friends who have been directly impacted and have other connections to these communities through sporting, school and parishes. 

We are currently working with the Parish, and Fr Mark, who have established a Disaster Relief Account and who are also working with St Vincent de Paul and the Parish of Cobargo.

I am also in discussions with schools in affected areas to see what is needed and any funds raised will be used in whatever ways the victims themselves identify. Once I know more information, I will pass it on to our community.

Supporting Families 

Families who have been impacted by fires will be supported by our school. Please contact me directly and we will provide appropriate support

The NSW Government has published the Bushfire Recovery Assistance.  This document details a range of assistance measures available.


Additional counselling services can be organised for staff, students and families who need additional support. Again, please let me know if you or your children require this support. 

Speaking to Children

I have heard from some families that their children are anxious and nervous as a result of the fires. This is understandable and you may be unsure of how best to respond. The following documents may be of assistance: 

Thank You

Thank you to all those who have been actively working to fight fires across our region, or providing services to those impacted by fires. Thank you for your service, dedication and commitment to our community.

Thank you to the entire community for everything that is happening to support those affected whether that be through prayer, donating or volunteering in the recovery support. 

I look forward to welcoming your family back to school in the coming weeks.

Brad Gaynor



Meet the Teacher will commence from 12.15pm on Thursday 19 December and conclude at approximately 1.30pm. If your child is not present for Meet the Teacher, please email Brad Gaynor on and he will notify you of your child's class teacher on Thursday afternoon.


Catholic Education has provided the following information.

Temperatures are forecast to exceed 40 degrees this week and the smoke haze is expected to continue. The smoke will affect the use of evaporative cooling.  Parents are welcome to keep their children at home if they are concerned about their health.

Tips to stay cool:

  • Keep hydrated – make sure staff and children drink plenty of water.
  • Plan your day around the heat – minimise outdoor activities and avoid being outdoors between 11am and 4pm and provide plenty of shade when outside.
  • Excursions – utilise air conditioned transport and venues rather than out door excursions.
  • Soak – provide cool showers, wet flannels/towels or water play to help children to cool down.
  • Be cool – stay indoors and make use of fans or air-conditioners.
  • Rest – make sure children get enough sleep, and can rest if they feel tired.
  • Eat fresh –provide cold foods such as salads or fruit.
  • Dress down – wear light weight clothing and be sun-smart.
  • Watch out – know and be on the lookout for symptoms of heat related illness and exhaustion, including; nausea, dizziness, confusion, staggering, fainting, weakness, headaches, vomiting, heat rash, heat cramps and loss of sweating.
  • If staff or children show signs of heat stress call triple zero (000) immediately.

Visit for further information on summer safety and tips on how to beat the heat. Further information can be sourced on the Emergency Services Agency website at: and weather forecasts can be monitored at

The following link is a to resources regarding extreme heat, ways to mitigate heat related illness and how to identify heat related illnesses and first aid treatment if required.


Empire Catering has advised us that orders for lunch orders on Thursday 19 December need to be completed by 4PM on WEDNESDAY 18 December. Orders will not be accepted after this date. Thank you


JPC has asked us to remind parents that they have finished for the year, so students waiting at JPC in the afternoons are not being supervised. It is always a parent's responsibility to supervise their children after school hours.

Thank you.