Our Mission

At Holy Spirit School we:

  • Live our Catholic faith
  • Inspire learning
  • Exemplify best teaching practice
  • Celebrate our achievements and successes
  • Respect differences and embrace diversity
  • Work collaboratively and build community

Our School

At Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, we strive to build an inclusive, caring and stimulating environment, where students are offered the best opportunities to succeed academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially.

As a Catholic school community we value:

  • relationships shaped by the Gospel;
  • shared spiritual growth;
  • quality teaching and learning;
  • individuality and diversity;
  • creativity;
  • teamwork and support;
  • innovative curriculum and pedagogy; and,
  • justice and peace.

To assist each student to reach his/her potential, we are committed to being a vibrant and welcoming community where strong partnerships amongst children, parents, staff and the community are built and maintained.

School Prayer

Holy Spirit, my Friend and Teacher,

Be with me today.

Help me to know that I am loved by Jesus

And that I can love like Jesus.

Guided by this love,

Help me to show love for others in the choices I make.

Unite our hearts, hands and minds as we grow, learn and celebrate life together.

One community!

In God’s love.


The Journey (Holy Spirit School Song)


We’re on a journey, so take my hand

We’ll grow together on Ngunnawal land

Because we live in the presence of the Spirit every day

And as Holy Spirit’s children, we will always know the way.


We come to this place to learn through the day

That Jesus and our teachers will show us the way

To celebrate challenges, to conquer our fears

And grow strong together,

Throughout coming years



So while on the journey, if we try to be kind

Jesus will help and friendship we will find

So as Kelleway kids we must all learn to care

For this land and community,

In which we all share.


Term Dates 2019

Term 1: Monday 5 February January to Friday 12th April

Term 2: Monday 29th April to Friday 5 July

Term 3: Monday 22th July to Friday 27th September

Term 4: Monday 14th October to Thursday 19th December

School Hours

Children assemble in class lines on the concrete area at 8.55am.

There are two breaks in the day, one from 11am – 11.30am and again from 1.30pm – 2.10pm.

All children are supervised during the eating of their lunch from 1.10pm -1.20pm.

The day concludes at 3.10pm.

Our Joint Campus

Holy Spirit Primary School opened in 1996 and operates under the policies and guidelines issued by the Catholic Education Commission of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Holy Spirit School is a partner in the historic educational initiative of the joint campus at Nicholls, and shares joint facilities with Gold Creek School. The shared facilities comprise of the library, computer network, canteen, hall, main car park, covered area and the ovals. The operation of the joint facilities is co-ordinated by the Joint Management Committee.

Holy Spirit School Handbook

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Early Learning Centre Handbook

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Annual Report

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